Can a brand drive business performance? Can a brand drive business profit?

#brand #branding #marketing Can a brand drive business performance? Can a brand drive business profit? I look to answer these important questions as you develop your brand strategy as part of your overall marketing plan. I recap on what a brand is and what it does (link below), to give a brand definition, and how a brand can drive business performance and profit, then I go through two case studies of Pepsi and Nike to show how this has been done. This is important input as you develop your brand purpose, brand vision and brand strategy. Branding your business and continued brand building is an ongoing effort as part of your marketing plan, and with an understanding of branding basics and a proven framework to follow to make and manage a brand – anyone can use a brand to drive business profit.

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Gareth Flood

Key Moments in this Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:33 Recap: What is a Brand?

00:40 How brands drive business performance

01:13 Two case studies of companies doing it well: Pepsi and Nike

02:25 Pepsi case study

06:52 Nike Case study

10:40 Do I need a brand?


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