Getting market information for your marketing plan.

This video briefly explains the aim of the analysis phase is to firstly, collect data and facts, so you can then refine the facts into findings, conclusions and actions in your plan – focussing on pulling together the Market Information for your plan.

Link to get the full market information module:

Chapters in the video:

00:00 Introduction

00:19 Contents

00:51 Introduction to Gareth Flood

01:15 Intro to Market Information

01:26 The Marketing Framework

01:49 Explaining Market Information

04:58 Where Market Information Sits In The Marketing Plan

07:38 Overview And Objectives For Market Information

10:08 Design Of Gathering Market Information

14:13 What Else Needs To Be Considered

14:24 Different Types Of Data

15:20 Tips And Hints About Data Gathering

16:48 Searching For Information Resources

19:23 Resources

21:57 Summary And Conclusions

23:30 Link To Access Market Information Module

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