What is B2B marketing? Overview of business to business marketing. Plus the five biggest mistakes!

B2B Marketing

What is B2B marketing? We cover an overview of business to business marketing, including a definition and go over the five biggest mistakes!

What is B2B marketing? If you have asked the question, “what is B2B marketing?”, you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve ever asked yourself: “Am I in B2B? Should I be in B2B? How do I make money in B2B marketing?” I’m here to answer these questions for you. There is a lot of misconceptions in the area of business to business marketing, lets clear them up in this video!

I go over what B2B marketing is and a definition of B2B marketing. We cover the five biggest mistakes people make in B2B marketing. Lastly, I’m are going give you an activity for you to start building insights about the customers of your company to help you to serve their needs better.

Key Moments in this Episode


00:00 Introduction 01:06 What is B2B Marketing?

01:48 Simple definition of B2B Marketing

02:28 Assess your business against marketing template

02:48 The five biggest mistakes in B2B Marketing

02:55 Different type of content is required in B2B

03:24 Speaking to different types of influencers

04:04 Need to market to more than one person in the buying process

04:55 B2B marketing must recognize a different set of buying emotions

05:50 B2B Marketing may rely more on personal interactions

06:48 Free marketing video

06:57 Book a strategy call

07:58 Activity to gain insight on your B2B customer

08:45 Conclusion

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