How to make a brand I 10 step process to make a brand – build a successful brand for your business!

I cover “how to make a brand?”, with my simple 10 step process to make a brand. If you are looking to build a brand from nothing and create a brand that is successful for your business – this is the place to start!

My 10 step process of brand identity design and brand strategy is a proven framework to build a brand from scratch.

Understanding branding basics and fundamentals to know that a brand is the sum of everything a company does, will drive many of your business decisions. This video covers branding principles that can be input into a brand vision, brand strategies and brand design as part of branding within marketing – to get business growth!

Watch and Enjoy!

Gareth Flood

MAKE AND MANAGE A BRAND – FREE TEMPLATES! Brand development “Rules” and “Traps”. The 10 step process to make a Brand. The 11 step process to manage a brand on an ongoing basis:

Key Moments in this Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:23 How do you make a brand? Ten step process

00:53 The high level questions that must be answered with your brand

01:42 The first step: Brand Purpose

02:33 The second step: Brand Mission

02:49 The third step: Our Customer

02:59 The fourth step: Customer Insight

03:33 The fifth step: Rational Benefit

04:25 The sixth step: Emotional benefit

06:02 The seventh step: Reason to believe

06:24 The eighth step: Differentiator

07:23 The ninth step: Brand personality

07:25 The tenth step: Brand essence

09:25 Ways to develop and test your brand

10:42 Conclusion